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Ten Reasons to Rejoice When Persecuted

Luke 6:22-23 We are wrapping up our study of just the beatitudes.  As we go through our exposition of the gospel of Luke, the beatitudes here in Luke’s gospel, Luke 6:20-23, is really the introduction of the entire Sermon on the Mount.  And today we’re going to continue what we began last time, a couple of weeks ago, in Luke 6:22-23, “blessed…

Blessed Are the Despised

Luke 6:22-23 We are studying the beatitudes, which is the introduction to Jesus’ most well-known sermon.  The, this introduction to the sermon, I think, it my mind anyway, it’s been nothing short of revolutionary.  Not in the political sense, not in any social, economical, or political statement.  Any of that would be too shallow for this.  Jesus, this is revolutionary in the…