10:30 am Sunday Worship
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Keep Praying!

The Theology of Persistent Prayer

Luke 18:6-8 You can turn back to Luke 18 in your Bibles, and we will finish what we started last week and see what our Lord wants us to learn from the parable of the widow who prevailed against an unjust judge. We know what this parable is about because Luke told us in Luke 18:1 that Jesus told the parable “that…

The Widow Who Beat the Judge

Luke 18:1-5 Well, we are just speeding our way along through the Gospel of Luke aren’t we? Already to chapter 18? So you can turn there to Luke 18 this morning and we’re gonna look at a crucial, crucial concern that comes out of Jesus’ teaching on eschatology. We are turning the page into another chapter, entering into Chapter 18. But you…