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Perfecting an Imperfect Faith, Part 2

Luke 8:40-56 Well, for our time in God’s Word, this morning, we hope to finish the account that we started last week. So please turn in your Bibles to Luke, chapter 8 and verse 40. Luke 8:40. We’ll be going through that account to the end of the chapter, verse 56. At the end of Luke, chapter 8, we are seeing Jesus…

How to Cultivate Good Soil

Luke 8:15 Grab your Bibles, turn to the 8th chapter of Luke. Uh, as we have been doing in this study of the parable of the soils, let’s read the parable again, along with its explanation. You’ll find that located there in Luke Chapter 8, verses 4-15.   “And when a great crowd was gathering, and people from town after town came to…