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Blessed Are Those Who Believe

Blessed Are Those Who Believe 08/09/15 Let’s get into the Word. Okay, Luke chapter 1. I’m hoping that last week’s review of where we have been in Luke helped prime the pump for you to get ready for moving ahead, and that’s what we’re going to do today, continuing to move forward in Luke chapter 1. So, you can locate Luke 1:39.…

Mary, An Exemplary Believer

Luke 1:33-38   Well, take your Bibles in hand and open them to Luke 1:26—Luke 1:26, for your final sermon on this section.  We’ll begin by reading one more time that passage—Luke 1:26 to 35—and this account is nothing short of amazing.  Its depth is staggering.  Its simplicity is incredible.  Without a doubt this is the Word of God.  You can tell…