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How to Wait for Christ's Return

Ready When Christ Returns

Luke 17:26-30 Turn to Luke 17 in your Bibles as we continue in our expositional study of the Gospel of Luke. We’ve had two sermons so far in this text and covering verses 20-25, two sermons on that, and as we begin, we will read those verses again just to remind ourselves of what we have already covered. Luke 17:20 says this:…

How We Wait for Christ’s Return

Luke 17:22-25 We are returning to the 17th chapter of Luke this morning, an amazing, amazing section on the coming of the kingdom and the coming of the Son of Man. And this is really Luke’s introduction to the end times. There is more coming in Luke 21, which is the Olivet Discourse and that parallels Matthew 24 and 25 and then…