10:30 am Sunday Worship
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Salvation for the Worldly

Becoming Disciples of Divine Love

Luke 6:27-49   Luke 6:27.  We are continuing our study of Luke and his unique and powerful record of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  We have noted before that this sermon, the Sermon on the Mount, may be Jesus’ most famous sermon.  His most well-known sermon.  It contains the Beatitudes, which we’ve already studied and come through.  It also contains like well-known…

A Sober Warning to the Worldly-Contented

Luke 6:24-26 You can turn in your Bibles to Luke 6:20 as we take a look this morning at the four woes.  This is our four corresponding woes to the four beatitudes he gave in, we’ll look at that whole section, Luke 6:20 to 26.  Interestingly, this is how Jesus finishes his introduction to his sermon with four woes, which really you…