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The Covenantal Divide

The Covenantal Divide: The Anointing of Jesus

Luke 3:21-22   Jesus’ baptism was the context of his anointing by God for the unique role and the special ministry as Israel’s Messiah.  I just want to start by reading these two verses.  You know we talked about this last week, and we’re going to finish it up here today.  We’re going to start by reading those verses, and then I’ll…

The Covenantal Divide: The Baptism of Jesus

Luke 3:21-22 These are monumentally important verses.  These two verses here really represent a high point in redemptive history.  This is a zenith that marks the division between the two covenants of the Bible.  It is a very, very important text.  This is what you might call a watershed text.  I’m calling these two verses, Luke 3:21 to 22, the “Covenantal Divide.” …