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The Beatitudes in Action

The Faith of the Centurion, Part 2

Luke 7:6-10 I want to welcome you back to part 2 of what we began last week.  So you will want to grab your Bibles and turn over to Luke 7.  Let’s finish the story of the faith of the centurion.  We’re going to start here, as we do, by reading the account, followed by a short review, and then we’ll pick…

The Faith of the Centurion, Part 1

Luke 7:1-5 We are in Luke Chapter 7. We’re going to be opening, looking in that opening narrative there on the remarkable faith of a soldier. The faith of a Roman centurion. I wanna start this morning by reading that text, so read along with me if you have your Bibles open to Luke 7, 1 through 10. “After he had finished…