10:30 am Sunday Worship
6400 W 20th St, Greeley, CO

Teaching by Travis Allen

The Lord’s Chosen Cornerstone

Luke 20:16-19 Well, we are back in Luke 20 this morning, this week, to finish the parable of the wicked tenants or the Lord’s tenant problem, and what he was dealing with, and the tenants who had control of his vineyard. This week we’re looking at the final section of the parable. We’re gonna start by reading the parable. You’ll find that…

The Authority Controversy, Part 1

Luke 20:1-4 Luke chapter 20 as we get into this section, I think I mentioned it a little bit last week, but we’re getting into ah, the final section of Luke’s Gospel. The, the last 20 percent, if you’re keeping count of Luke’s Gospel. And the section that we’re into here, we’re gonna see this happening over the next couple of chapters…