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The Benefits of Fearing God, Part 2

Luke 12:10-12 We are wrapping up what we started last Sunday, just a message on the benefits of fearing God.  And today, we’re looking at Luke 12:10 through 12, where Jesus speaks about our spirit-instructed witness to the truth.  Again, this section is going to be on the ministry of the Holy Spirit, and it’s kind of an early preview because the…

The Benefits of Fearing God, Part 1

Luke 12:4-9 Grab your bibles, open to Luke 12.  The entry into Luke 12 has been pretty hard hitting, I think.  Personally it’s been hard hitting to me and I think for a number of us as well, and today we’re going to discover the strength and the encouragement that Jesus gives to those who fear God.  In all that has happened…