10:30 am Sunday Worship
6400 W 20th St, Greeley, CO

The Virtue of Watchfulness

Luke 12:35-40

We are back though in Luke, chapter 12, right in the middle of this amazing chapter, and today we’re looking at verses 35 to 40. Some powerful perspective setting, priority setting, teaching from our Lord Jesus Christ. At the end of every year and, a, right around this time, Thanksgiving, Christmas season, I find myself looking back on what’s happened over the past year. And this year is no different. I reflect on events, take stock of what the Lord has done, maybe trying to even think about significance and meaning in all that’s happened. And this year has been a very different sort of a year for all of us. 

 I’m grateful to the Lord for giving the church a gift, what we might call for lack of a better term, but I’m hearing bandied about in the popular culture, we might call it the great reset for the church. The social, political, and moral situation in our country is causing many Christians, I think, to conduct  a healthy self-examination. Many churches, to conduct a healthy self-examination, to reflect on what’s truly important. And to take this God given opportunity to reset their hearts, their minds, and to reestablish some godly priorities in their life. 

 And in the sense, that’s what Jesus has been doing in his teaching here in Luke, chapter 12. Ever since the beginning of the chapter, and even before that, as he confronted the scribes and the Pharisees for their religious hypocrisy, he is calling for self-examination here. To leave worldly mindedness behind, no more fear of man, no more covetousness, no more worry, no more anxiety. 

 He’s calling his disciples to live their lives in the fear of God. To rest in his care, his provision, his kindness, compassion, and to seek his kingdom.  

And Jesus has effectively reset for us some godly priorities. He says in Luke 12:33 to 34, this is what we just read last time, “Sell your possessions, and give to the needy.” You don’t do that unless you have