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"Zechariah's Prophecy" Tagged Teaching

Tender Mercy in the Rising Son

Luke 1:78-80 Well, listen, as we turn our attention to God’s Word this morning, go ahead and open your Bibles to that final section in Luke’s Gospel, chapter 1. We’re going to be wrapping up. Hey, believe it or not, we’re going to be wrapping up Chapter 1 today. Yes! It’s been such a joy. There’s a sense, really a sense for…

Plowing Fallow Ground

Luke 1:76-77 We’re getting into God’s Word this morning. Open your Bibles to Luke’s Gospel once again. We are at the end of the first chapter where we’ve slowed down just a bit to focus our attention on Zechariah’s Song. What we’re about to study as we get into Chapter 2 and following, throughout the rest of Luke’s Gospel, is quite weighted.…