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"Luke 9:23" Tagged Teaching

The Deliverance of Discipleship

Luke 9:23 Back on January 20th, we got an introduction to this most pivotal text, Luke 9:23. If you’re not there already, I’d ask you to turn there in your Bibles, Luke 9:23. We want to return, there, today. It’s probably fair to say that we’ve been arrested by this text. I certainly have. In fact, I kind of feel like Peter…

The Scandalous Offense of the Cross

Luke 9:23 Please take your Bibles and turn to Luke chapter 9. We come in our study of God’s Word this morning to one of the most defining and one of the most descriptive verses in the Christian faith. It really is a verse that captures in a nutshell exactly what it means to be a Christian, it’s in Luke 9, verse…