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Perfecting an Imperfect Faith, Part 1

Luke 8:40-48  We are coming into a section here at the end of Luke 8, if you’d like to turn in your Bibles there.  The section that really does wrap up the chapter, verses 40 to 56. We have seen in this eighth chapter of Luke some I, really what, what could we call them?  Dramatic displays of divine power in Jesus’…

The Theology of the Messiah’s Growth

Luke 2:49-52 Last week we started reading the story of Jesus as a 12-year-old boy, visiting the temple, and you can find that story at the end of Chapter 2. We’re going to start there reading this morning in Chapter 2, verse 40. Like I said, we’ll just begin by reading the account this morning and refresh ourselves with the truths that…