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The Attributes of God’s Greatness: God Unchanging

This, this study of God, theology proper, we’ve divided God’s attributes, as we’ve said, into two, basically the attributes two categories: the attributes of greatness and the attributes of glory, or goodness, I’m sorry, can’t stop thinking about his glory. So, attributes of greatness and attributes of goodness. Okay, greatness and goodness.  In talking about God’s greatness, we’ve looked at his greatness…

The Attributes of God’s Greatness: Immortal Spirit

Okay, so last time we talked about the fundamental attribute of God’s being, the fact that he is, he is, and that he is the living God. And we identified that by the, by virtue of the references to him as Elohim, that is, a plural of majesty, allowing for a plural, plurality of person. And yet he’s restricted to oneness. He…