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"Luke 3:10–3:14" Tagged Sermons

How to Preach Repentance, Part 3

How to Preach Repentance (Part 3) May 1, 2016 You can turn in your Bibles to Luke Chapter 3.  We’re going to wrap up this section we’ve been covering here in Luke Chapter 3, verses 10 to 14.  And we’re going to hit the ground running.  Not a whole lot of introduction this morning.  We’re just going to pick up where we…

How to Preach Repentance, Part 2

How to Preach Repentance, Part 2 April 24, 2016 All right, as we return to our study of Luke’s Gospel, we are in the third chapter of Luke’s Gospel this morning, and we’re looking at the preaching of John the Baptist, the substance of which Luke records for us starting in verse 7 of Chapter 3.  As we are observing John’s preaching,…