10:30 am Sunday Worship
6400 W 20th St, Greeley, CO

September 23 – 25, 2022

Friday Sept 23 5pm–8:30pm
Saturday Sept 24 9am–5:30pm
Sunday Sept 25 9am–6:30pm

In a climate of skepticism, cynicism, and doubt, these three men have answered the question, “What is the truth?” They are eager to share what they have learned about God, God’s world, and who speaks for God.


For more than a decade, Justin Peters (MDiv, ThM) has conducted seminars around the world, applying the Bible to help people deconstruct counterfeit religion & find true faith in Jesus Christ.


As a NASA astronaut, veteran of four space flights on the International Space Station, & the man with the longest time in space, Col. Jeffrey N. Williams (MS; MA; DMin) has studied the Bible & applied science to study the glory & grandeur of God’s creation.


With a diverse background (special forces, law enforcement, Christian ministry), pastor Travis Allen (MDiv) has applied the Bible to help people answer the big questions of life & find certainty in the truth in an uncertain age.

At Grace Church

6400 W 20th St, Greeley, CO 80634

Let’s face it—America has seen better days.  As the world rounded the corner into 2020, the country anticipated a new decade of prosperity, new heights of success and achievement.  But it wasn’t to be.

Covid made America sick.  Public health bureaucrats played the biggest game of “Simon Says” ever.  Rioters abused citizens and burned cities.  Politicians pointed fingers, maligned one another, and waged propaganda wars.  Corporations went woke, institutions waved the LGBTQ banner, and many virtue-signaled.  America stumbled out of Afghanistan.  Elections exposed deep divide.

Everyone reacted, and everyone became reactionary in a world of uncertainty.  Though many have become too cynical and impatient to seek answers, legitimate questions remain:

What “science” is legitimate?  What data is reliable?  Which voices are trustworthy and which are misleading?  Does the government have our best interests in mind?  What about Big Pharma?  What about the media?  What about evangelicals, or any religion—are they all just hypocrites?  Forget about “your truth” and “my truth”—what is truth?  In this relativistic, plastic, make-believe world, is anything solid enough to hold onto?  Can we trust anything, or anyone?

Amidst the chaos, confusion, and cynicism, three Christian men kept quietly believing in truth, and they studied the revelation of God.

  • NASA astronaut, Jeffrey Williams kept following the science to find the certainty, see the glory, and observe the grandeur of God’s amazing creation.
  • Evangelist Justin Peters kept exposing religious frauds and charlatans, holding them accountable, calling for repentance, and delivering thousands from dangerous doctrines with the truth of the gospel.
  • Pastor Travis Allen kept preaching the Bible and pastoring the church, to deepen Christian conviction and call guilty sinners to find forgiveness and abiding joy through faith in Jesus Christ.

Somewhere between the “science” and the circus, these three men have answered the question, “What is the truth?”, and they’re eager to share what they learned about God, God’s world, and who speaks for God.

Consider joining us this September 23-25 for “The Science and the Circus” conference.  Whether you are a Christian eager to deepen your conviction, a non-Christian interested in the pursuit of truth and the refutation of error, or a curiosity-seeker wondering what an astronaut, an evangelist, and a pastor have in common—whoever you are, you’re invited.

We have kept the cost of the conference as low as possible to allow as many as possible to come.  If you are not a Christian and you want to attend the conference weekend, the registration is on us—it won’t cost you a dime.

Since space is limited, register right away to reserve your spot. 

If you have any questions, you can write or call us at the Grace Church office:

office@gracegreeley.org; 970-330-1340