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In case you haven’t heard, Pastor Travis Allen was interviewed a Founders Ministries podcast: The Sword & The Trowel, on the topic of “Pastoral Ministry in the 21st Century – Challenges & Blessings”.
As a great means of preparing for our upcoming conference, and to facilitate love for God and love for man, most especially by better understanding the challenges and joys our local pastors face, we encourage you to watch here and glean from the wisdom of these men.
Many thanks to our church members for allowing Travis the time to serve with Founders Ministries and IOPT in order to bless the greater Body of Christ.


The annual conference at Grace Church (now going by Pillar of Truth Conference) will take place this September 21-24, 2023. That’s a Thursday night, Friday night, full day Saturday, and Sunday during normal church hours.

This year will feature Pastor Travis Allen and Pastor Don Green.


Christ and His Cross, and the theology of the Cross direct the thinking—the philosophy—of the local church. The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but for Christ’s church it is the power of God, the wisdom of God, the salvation of Christ.

Everything the world counts as folly and stupid, we flip that around and see glory, majesty, wisdom, power, and strength because we have been regenerated. That is what Christ does in the local church. The local church, at its heart, sees the theology of the cross in this way.

Martin Luther said, “the visible and manifest things of God are seen through the suffering of the Cross.” He is saying that we don’t see as the world sees. The world sees glory and human power, human ambition, strength, and things that accrue to man’s glory and effort. That’s how man counts success. But that’s not how the Lord counts success. The Lord counts success as those who suffer after Christ on the cross.

This conference will flesh out the implications of the theology of the Cross, as the theology of the cross sets our expectations and sets the standard of success in the local church.

The Red Team, led by Jarred Petroff, conducts bimonthly evangelistic operations in the community to places like the UNC campus, downtown Greeley, and local skate parks. Don’t feel intimated to participate, as church members always go out in groups of 2-3, with less experienced evangelists paired with those more experienced.

You can take it slow and simply observe until you are comfortable. If you are interested in street evangelism with the group, please email Jarred.

This series will help us better understand the theological foundations of marriage, the good and glorious purpose of marriage, as well as give practical instruction on how to practice Christian marriage.

This series has been completed. You can stream it from our YouTube Channel.

Click here for the first sermon of the marriage series